REcycle ART… w. recycled materials….

Using everyday objects in art is nothing new…. simply a visual statement that to me says….. art is all around us in the everyday…. it’s sometimes like finding the good in the bad or the creative in the boring….

By recycling components such as color and shape, there is a lesson in creative technique….. (in actively using ways of making due w. less)….. a way to both learn from and alter your own environment…..

This genre of art is, of course, political…. Yes, definitely. In supporting common mantras of environmentalists…. REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE …. we support the planet and us in it…. we understand the world better…. ♻️

HOPE and LOVE snowflake (inspired by reknowned artist, Robert Indiana, 1928 – 2018). Painted in minimalist “whitewash” (mixed acrylic base on cardboard) style and India ink, non synthetic color dye, lettering.

Iconic work by Robert Indiana, combines Pop Art and minimalism… HOPE (2008) and LOVE (1965)… (Not for Sale.)

the original stacked image/ lettering first appeared in a 1958 poem, and then painting, simply stating, “LOVE is God.”

LOVE snowflake.

tibetan prayer knot from recycled cardboard tubing.

prayer knot in snowflakes……

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