Images of Popular Figures and Icons

Ahhh….. Influencers …..


Who are they?

I phrase it this way in my latest Resume:

Is necessity the mother of invention? Yes. Is genius one percent “inspiration” and ninety-nine percent “perspiration “? Yes. Are there great works of art that are simply copycats and spin offs of the same? Yes.

Here are a few reproduced (manifold) Portraits of legendary Influencer Icons

The White Album, 1973, Portrait (Not for Sale.)
The Featured Portrait is an 
original print from the vinyl
album, utilized for a High School
term paper (lol) the same year
(1988-89) that the Documentary
Imagine was released.

Like my magic marker lettering
and construction paper bordering?
Genius is a form of madness and we’re all that way... If there’s such a thing as genius— which is just what?

John Lennon, 1970

Rolling Stone Interview
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