Renderings of Architecture

…For years, as I traveled, I saw architecture in a way that allowed me to learn about the places I would visit….. setting, people and culture, lifestyles, history (assimilation and phases,) environment, and much more. In my youthful daydream of wonderment, I think I would always begin a philosophical narrative of “What would it be like to live here, in this place?” in considering the architecture….. churches and other religious structures, falling down buildings and modernist parts of town or city, gothic corners and archaeological ruins, alleys and grottos and desert oasis, huts and caves and cottages and cabins, marketplaces and plazas, hillside structures and shores and mountain peaks, rivers and ports, fields and meadows and valleys. There is always something reptilian, avian, and shelly (tortoise-like) both to how we travel and how we choose to house (shelter) ourselves, lending a Darwinian perspective to travel…

Perspective is the greatest harvest of travel. Learning to draw architecture is a form of metaphorical travel, learning the roadmap of the architect (or architects,) plainly and figuratively.

Sevillan Horse and Carriage (mid-day Shadow); ~ 1985; Artist as young girl, and family (on Holiday.)

Philosophy Quiz on Art: is it possible to understand “Goth” or “Gothic” without studying some or part of actual Gothic periods of history?

bring your water bottle, backpack, sandals, sketchpad, paintbrushes, and watercolors…

glass tiles; durable; custom made.

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