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Arteya was established in 2016. After years of working here and there, numerous freebies and some monetary gigs, the business was fully integrated as a proprietorship and since that time, older works have been restored, and reproduced as variations.

We offer BoHo (bohemian) Art…art/ arte with rediscovered beauty…, and HoBo (hobo)… foundArt, Art with Recycled and Re-purposed Materials, Vintage and Boutique, and Pop Cultural Reproductions, and Original Images and Designs.

Arteya dropped her eternal BoHo, HoBo lifestyle to the extent of physically planting roots, and, thus, new studio images and other, have been created in the last few years.

How to contact us:

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for more info., questions, and/ or inquiries…, contact our Management Line…

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Happy Holidays…!

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Arteya Shop, as a new business, has been heavily impacted (funds to order Merchandise, viable Studio Space, Home Office & sharing Resources, etc.,) by the COVID-19 Emergency.

We hope you continue to take a glance @ new Studio Pieces, in addition to updates on Items for Sale.

As always, if you have questions about Custom Made Orders or other Offerings, just ask:

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Wishing safety & peace for you & your loved ones during this Recovery Period...